Why Hydracraft?
Hydracraft Makes The Decision To Buy A Boat Easier

The Hull

The Hull Changes Its Shape To Match Water Conditions And The Type Of Boating Desired

Modular Design
Modular Construction Makes This The Most Versatile Boat Of Its Time

Dealers No Longer Have To Purchase And Stock So Many Single-Purpose Boats

The Bottom Line!
Hydracraft Has A Better Profit Margin

Only Hydracraft

Only Hydracraft Gives You This Much Boat

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The New  World of Hydracraft




3. Modular Construction Makes This The Most Versatile Boat Of Its Time

The durable, top-performing Hydracraft is composed of buoyant, interlocking, multi-functional modules.

Simple to assemble (in approximately 20-minutes), it is easily launched - even in previously inaccessible areas where launching ramps are not available. It can therefore be taken far from the crowds to quiet, untouched rivers and lakes. And it requires no trailer for transporting.

Modular construction also permits the Hydracraft to be  easily upgraded and enlarged through the purchase of additional modules so that it grows along with a family’s interests and  requirements. And each separate modular component can fulfill several important accessory functions on board a ‘mother vessel’.

Disassembled, the Hydracraft reduces to 20% of its size and can easily fit in the back of an SUV or in the corner of a garage. The garage can thus be used for the car instead of the boat, and the backyard no longer needs to look like a boatyard.




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