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The Hull Changes Its Shape To Match Water Conditions And The Type Of Boating Desired

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2. The Hull Changes Its Shape To Match Water Conditions And The Type Of Boating Desired

Hydracraft understood that combining many boats in one required not a single design but the capacity of a single boat to achieve many forms.

We thus developed a boat that can easily change hull shapes to fit all variables: The deep-V hull is excellent for deep-sea fishing and for ocean excursions. It is ideal for stability in rough water and  for cutting through large waves, but it canít maneuver well in shallow water. The flat-bottom boat provides a stable platform on a still lake or in a shallow cove but would be dangerous for ocean use. And the multi-hull catamaran offers speed and fuel economy because of reduced surface frictional resistance.

Now the Hydracraft owner can have it all! A dial on the console enables the owner to select a Deep-V hull, a semi-V hull, a flat-bottom hull, or a catamaran multi-hull.

The transformation takes place within one minute and can be accomplished right on the water. The owner is thus provided with the specific, optimal hull for all boating activities and for the varying weather and surface conditions encountered on a single excursion.




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