Why Hydracraft?
Hydracraft Makes The Decision To Buy A Boat Easier

The Hull

The Hull Changes Its Shape To Match Water Conditions And The Type Of Boating Desired

Modular Design
Modular Construction Makes This The Most Versatile Boat Of Its Time

Dealers No Longer Have To Purchase And Stock So Many Single-Purpose Boats

The Bottom Line!
Hydracraft Has A Better Profit Margin

Only Hydracraft

Only Hydracraft Gives You This Much Boat

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The New  World of Hydracraft




4. Dealers No Longer Have To Purchase And Stock So Many Single-Purpose Boats

Until now, dealers have had to forecast and buy the type and size of boat they hoped their prospects would want next year:

This has required accurate predictions of general market trends. It has also meant attempting to correctly guess which individuals within this market would approach their dealership with their own particular needs and priorities.  And it has necessitated stocking a large variety of boats to meet every type of requirement for size, function, style and affordability.

While experience often produces accurate predictions, there are still those times when the wrong boats are ordered. This has resulted in the loss of some sales because the ‘right’ boat was not in stock and the ‘hot prospect’ wouldn’t wait. And it has also meant that unwanted boats sat in the warehouse collecting dust until they could be sold at a discount.

Hydracraft takes the gamble out of forecasting. This remarkable boat has been specifically designed to fulfill more of today’s market needs and customer desires.

Prospects can be more easily sold since their sailing, skiing, fishing and powerboat needs all are satisfied by the same boat. And customer requirements for affordability, portability, easy storage and safety are all successfully solved by the versatile Hydracraft.




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